Every Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie – Ranked

Twenty-one movies and a couple wars later, this is where the MCU stands. 21) Thor: The Dark World (2013) You’ve gotta start somewhere. The Dark World is one of the rare instances where Marvel just didn’t get it right. At all. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are great (as always) as Thor and Loki, but are overshadowed everything around them (not in a good way). … Continue reading Every Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie – Ranked

5 Most Anticipated NFL Games for 2019

The five games we wish we could see this instant. Only 140 Days Until Kickoff… Packers @ Bears – Thursday Night Kickoff – Week One Bears/Packers. Mack/Rodgers. Soldier Field. The first game of the season is as football as football can ever get. The Bears look to capitalize off of one of their best seasons in recent years with another great season, while the Packers … Continue reading 5 Most Anticipated NFL Games for 2019

Steven Spielberg is on the Wrong Side of History

Steven Spielberg wants to ban Netflix from the Academy Awards, here’s why he’s fighting a battle he cannot and should not win.   Netflix is a media powerhouse, it carries the distinction of being the largest streaming service in the world as well as being the father to every other streaming service around today. From Hulu to Crackle to any other service imaginable, none of … Continue reading Steven Spielberg is on the Wrong Side of History

Beyoncé’s HOMECOMING – Album Review

Queen Bey is back with 40 2 new songs! Everyone’s favorite queen/artist/icon/empowerment figure is back with a mega-sized live experience for fans to revel in. HOMECOMING acts as Beyoncé’s eighth (it’s being marketed as such) album – this time as a live project. Beyoncé has done projects such as this before, but none have been marketed as much as this one. Queen Bey always seems … Continue reading Beyoncé’s HOMECOMING – Album Review

The State of the Culture – 1

What in the world is going on in this world? We react to the biggest news in recent weeks. What we’re covering: People across the world “putting on their happy face”, the biggest sports failure of the 21st century, the most hyped up movie of the internet age, and more. HEADLINER: The AAF Suspends Operations Well… it was fun while it lasted? It was pretty … Continue reading The State of the Culture – 1