Overreactions from the First Month of Baseball.

One month out of a seven month season can cause for a lot of skewed results. We separated the real deals from the one month wonders. The Mariners are legit. Ha! Wait… could they be? No. There are teams like this every year – they start red hot, stick around just long enough for their fan base to get excited, and then fade into fourth … Continue reading Overreactions from the First Month of Baseball.

Winners and Losers of the NFL Draft

The dramatic NFL offseason continued last weekend with the annual draft, and while some teams drafted into more wins this season, others already want 2019 to be over. Winner: Arizona Cardinals And so it begins. After a tumultuous offseason, the Cardinals somehow got it right in the draft – finally fully committing to Kyler Murray, and giving him a multitude of weapons to throw to in … Continue reading Winners and Losers of the NFL Draft

5 Most Anticipated NFL Games for 2019

The five games we wish we could see this instant. Only 140 Days Until Kickoff… Packers @ Bears – Thursday Night Kickoff – Week One Bears/Packers. Mack/Rodgers. Soldier Field. The first game of the season is as football as football can ever get. The Bears look to capitalize off of one of their best seasons in recent years with another great season, while the Packers … Continue reading 5 Most Anticipated NFL Games for 2019

The State of the Culture – 1

What in the world is going on in this world? We react to the biggest news in recent weeks. What we’re covering: People across the world “putting on their happy face”, the biggest sports failure of the 21st century, the most hyped up movie of the internet age, and more. HEADLINER: The AAF Suspends Operations Well… it was fun while it lasted? It was pretty … Continue reading The State of the Culture – 1

Five April Fools Jokes We Wish Were True

April Fools jokes can scare, annoy, and aggravate; but these ones just left us wishing they were real. Wolverine’s Appearance in Avengers: Endgame This is something that should not be joked about. Ever since the Disney/Fox merger, the thought of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, or Deadpool in Endgame has been invading fans’ dreams on a nightly basis. The image above, including the most beautiful Avengers-themed … Continue reading Five April Fools Jokes We Wish Were True

2019 MLB Predictions

Predicting 162 games and more, before it all happens. American League AL East 1) Boston Red Sox (103-59) 2) New York Yankees (98-64) 3) Tampa Bay Rays (89-73) 4) Toronto Blue Jays (72-90) 5) Baltimore Orioles (51-111) AL Central 1) Cleveland Indians (93-69) 2) Minnesota Twins (85-77) 3) Chicago White Sox (75-87) 4) Detroit Tigers (66-96) 5) Kansas City Royals (59-103) AL West 1) Houston … Continue reading 2019 MLB Predictions

MLB Opening Day Power Rankings

Baseball is back, and just like any season, there are good teams, there are bad teams… then there’s the Baltimore Orioles. 30) Baltimore Orioles The best thing going for the Orioles in 2019 is that they’re not expected to contend at all, and can shake up their roster without question at will. Besides that, there’s not much to look for in Baltimore. 29) Miami Marlins … Continue reading MLB Opening Day Power Rankings