Logic’s “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” – Album Review

Biracial Bobby is back with another project, and after two years of disappointment, it’s now or never time for the Maryland rapper.

Track 1 – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

The lead single for this album is what I expect from Logic. Confessions features the good ol’ storytelling Logic – and reminds me of a simpler time, where I could actually call myself a fan of his music. The song isn’t downright great, but any time it verges towards newer Logic with a cringey bar, he puts it right back in place by the next line. His voice does bother me a little with the weird airiness in it, but the beat makes up for it and then some with a hypnotic tune. Solid intro to the album.

Track 2 – Homicide (feat. Eminem)

Chika-chika-chika! We’ve all already been pleasantly surprised by this track filled with nonstop bars from two rappers assumed to be past their prime. It’s a shame that a Logic and Eminem track came a couple years too late, but ‘better late than never’ is in full effect with this track. Em gifted Logic with the all-out stimulus package to lift the song into great territory after Bobby himself destroys a bet tailor-made for the two. No complaints here. *insert Funk Flex’s “THAT’S CALLED MOTHERFUCKIN’ BARS!!!!!!!!” here*

Track 3 – Wannabe

Ahhh… an interlude. OKAY THOUGH!! This instrumental is tough – definitely not something I’d expect from Biracial Bobby of all people. Juicy J would work wonders over this. Logic comes in strong and makes his presence felt with a flow that matches the pure malice of the beat. ‘I get stressed like / Why you think Kanye crazy / why you think YG BRAZY?!’ Holy shit Logic! He’s packing so much into a minute! It’s over. Damn. Part of me wishes it was longer while part of me loves it for what it is.

Track 4 – clickbait

Quick, slick transition into this one. Logic really does have some momentum going here! Ehhhh this hook is extremely cheesy. The verse is here and he’s singing his ass off, but it’s definitely not a good thing, god it’s a bad thing. His tone is slowly killing my ears. After the good lyrics of the first three tracks, this pales in comparison badly. Oh, lord. Did he really just say that? IF you know, you know, I guess. I don’t want to take the time out of my day to describe how horrible that was. This one

Track 5 – Mama/Show Love (feat. YBN Cordae)

Interesting featu — WHOA! The beat just dropped and sheesh! The selection on this album has been incredible so far. Meanwhile, Logic is tearing the track apart. He’s rapping fast but it’s actually for a purpose – he’s matching the tempo and energy of the beat and spitting bars. Cordae isn’t usually my cup of tea but he’s replicating every bit of Logic’s energy. Is it possible for someone to be so smooth yet so aggressive? Damn. Logic snatches the track right back and keeps it going. Beat switch! Let’s see where this goes. He’s just flexing at this point, rapping fast just because he can. Shouting out other rappers and calling out the industry for not showing enough love is a badass power move, I love it. The beat switch wasn’t amazing at first, but it gets better with every second. Don’t look now, but Logic might be up to something.

Track 6 – Out Of Sight

This beat selection, man. Every beat is different and full of its own flavor, but still feels like a continuation from the last one. Logic is rapping at a high level and fits the track like a glove, but his voice is mixed just a little too low; besides that, this is going to be in rotation consistently. ‘Now I made it, knock on wood,’ is an awesome hook, and the song ends at the perfect time. It doesn’t overstay its welcome whatsoever, but is enough on its own to be a good track. This might just be a really good album (knock on wood).

Track 7 – Pardon My Ego

Sweet title, but since when does Logic have an ego? This beat is acting as a second half of Out of Sight and I’m loving it – not a lot of beats can make me bop my head like this. This is like The Incredible True Story Logic!!! Where has THIS been the last three years? Who cares? At least it’s here now. Pardon My Ego is a perfect title for this song; I guess he does have an ego now. Cocky Logic is cool!! It’s already over? Definitely worth a re-listen or five.

Track 8 – COMMANDO (feat. G-Eazy)

Frat leader Brad’s dream come true! G and Logic on a track? No way! This track may be too good to be true for some people, but it’s where the album can (fall off/really nose dive) for me. In all seriousness, this beat is making my shoulders move in every which way. It’s far from his best performance on the album so far, but Logic’s first verse isn’t bad at all. The hook is kind of generic, but it works. Uh oh, here’s G-Eazy… He sounds good, like crisp, like the best he has since 2013-14 era G; the problem’s that he’s saying nothing worth, well, saying. “This the moment you been waiting for.” HA! Really? I’ve been dreading this day. Their fan bases might love this one, but it’s a meh for me.

Track 9 – Icy (feat. Gucci Mane)

From a G-Eazy track to a Gucci Mane feature?? I mean… fuck it! Why not? This strangely sounds great. Logic just sounds the most comfortable he has in a long time, and it’s contagious at this point. The hook is by far the best on the album, but the verse is solid too. Bobby is just floating and fitting into every little pocket created by the instrumental, and it’s making for a fun listening experience. I can’t to hear Gucci – here he is, and I wouldn’t expect anything less. Guwop is like whipped cream on top of a milkshake for this track; you don’t really need it, but damn, it makes it just that much better. Logic’s second verse is kind of un-needed, but it’s still listenable. Icy is 100% original, 100% weird, but 100% something I wanna hear again.

Track 10 – Still Ballin (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

After Indica Badu, I’m fully prepared for another Logic/Wiz track, bring it on. This beat is hard, but how is Wiz going to fit on it? Logic is doing fine, but just fine. Nothing special, but the hook is! The beat picks up an extra notch and Logic ramps his performance up with it. Nice. The beat calms down to fit Wiz, but he just doesn’t fit this track, or, maybe he does! He’s just playing it on the fly and making it his own! So. Much. Swag. As much as the word should be left in 2012, it’s still the only way to describe him. Logic’s hook is even more triumphant after Wiz’s verse, and he pulls out another winner of a track. I’m Ballin!

Track 11 – Cocaine

How can you title a track “cocaine” right after bringing on the king of weed Wiz Khalifa? Whatever. If it works, it works. The problem is, this just isn’t working. Logic’s hook is one of the poorest excuses for one this year. The beat is interesting enough to keep me listening, but this is the exact reason people strayed away from Logic in the first place, he’s just rapping in circles without doing anything slightly interesting. Cocaineis doing nothing for me after the thrill ride of the last couple tracks. Guess I’m not a fan of powder. 

Track 12 – Limitless

Limitless is an underrated movie, change my mind. Subtle chords come into the track with the feeling brought by a Hawaii sunset on a beach, or surfing through the clouds – whichever you prefer. Hooks are really hindering this album at this point, they all feel the same. The first part of the verse is the new, annoying Logic, but ‘1976!’and after is the Logic we need! Straight knowledge being spit. After the second hook, the track fades back into mediocrity without bouncing back. A true shame. This is how my mom probably feels watching football: confused, entertained at times, but ultimately left feeling like nothing important happened. 

Track 13 – Keanu Reaves

John Wick 3 out next week!!! This single somehow escaped my ear when it came out, but now that I’m listening to it, I’m glad that I missed nothing. Wick is a poor man’s Flexicution. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s nothing remotely special either. The beat sounds simple at first, but just doesn’t feel like it fits Logic, there’s a little too much going on for him to make something coherent – he’s just flexing and rapping fast to save his ass. This is the musical equivalent of the Bumblebee movie for me: I don’t love it, I don’t hate it, it just kind of happened and I was there. 

Track 14 – Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different (feat. Will Smith)

The Fresh Prince! Judging from the title, this track could be either preachy garbage or a great life lesson; let’s see which. The beat is fantastic, it’s a mix of something MC Young would slay back in the late 80’s with a little outer space flavor mixed in. Logic brings absolutely nothing to the hook. Any artist from anywhere could’ve performed that just as he did, but judging from the lyrics, that seems to be the point. WILL SMITH DOESN’T HAVE TO CUSS IN HIS RAPS TO SELL RECORDS! He’s in his BAG from the start! The Fresh Prince is bringing everything to this song. Charisma in abundance. Smith should rap more often – he’s done everything there is to do in film, switch it back up. Bobby’s verse feeds off the energy brought by Smith, and keeps the infectious mood going. This song is for anyone who remotely enjoys any kind of music – grandmas will like it, sisters will like it, I like it. 

Track 15 – BOBBY (feat. My Dad)

Instrumental comes in strong; like something old Logic would rap to! He’s not rapping like the old Logic upon entrance though. Oh GOD! Not again. No. Stop with the penis bars, they’re so damn awful. He sounds like the male version of Nicki Minaj, always bringing up the unimportant stuff. HE SAID IT AGAIN!!! I’m done. This is awful. *In my best Keyshawn Johnson impression,*“C’mon, man!” I’m a minute or so in but I’m cancelling the rest of this track. I don’t want to hear about your penis, Bobby. 

Track 16 – Lost In Translation

Another great movie title (this time not underrated). I need to get a massage to this instrumental, it’s incredibly soothing. Logic fits, too! This is beat was made for him. Whoa, little switch into a fast flow and a beat that fits it. Why has this not been his sound for the last three years? Thisis what he should be doing, it showcases all of his talent. Another heavenly beat enters after a fade out. I’m in my most peaceful state when I’m listening to this song. Drums get thrown in there to add some 90’s boom bap touch, and Bobby is flying through this song. “You ain’t got ,son, yeah I said that’s Jack shit!” followed closely by, “I’m Bruce Wayne terrorizin’ Gotham, I’m batshit!” is what I live for! Shoutout to all the Batman fans! The second half of the song has too many bars to quote, but lyrical rap fans should be more than pleased with this. Beautiful fade out and a pleasant way to end the album. 



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