Overreactions from the First Month of Baseball.

One month out of a seven month season can cause for a lot of skewed results. We separated the real deals from the one month wonders.

The Mariners are legit.

If you think this is true, you’re probably just a Mariners fan.

Ha! Wait… could they be? No. There are teams like this every year – they start red hot, stick around just long enough for their fan base to get excited, and then fade into fourth place. The Mariners have already started their fade, after a stunning 13-2 start, Seattle got swept by Houston, swept by Cleveland, and have been desperately clinging onto second place since. 2019 is a rebuilding year in Seattle; it was nice while it lasted, but the Mariners are far from legit.

Verdict: Overreaction

The NL MVP award is a two-horse race.

The two best players in the league have already faced off in two different series this year.

Yelich homers! Bellinger homers! Yelich makes a diving catch! Bellinger robs Yelich’s homer! The National League has the two best stars in the entire sport at the moment, and neither have shown even a resemblance of a sign of slowing down. Christian Yelich has continued his 2018 season with a scorching start to 2019, and Cody Bellinger has blossomed into the superstar everyone thought he could be. While it’s hard to rule out any other player making a run over the next five or so months, Bellinger and Yelich is a race that seems to be miles ahead already. The pair perform every night, whether it’s in the field or at the plate, they’ve both become must-see TV. With the Dodgers and Brewers both being contenders, the players will be in the limelight for the entire season. Bellinger v. Yelich is the race we deserve.

Verdict: Rational

The Red Sox are on a serious hangover.

Is anything going right in Boston?

Chris Sale is 0-5, Jackie Bradley Jr. is batting .149, Rafael Devers has eight (seriously, eight) errors at third, and the bullpen is a joke. The Red Sox are just plain bad right now. Although the team is 14-18 and within striking distance of the AL East lead, the team looks lifeless on and off the field. There hasn’t even been a sign of the team doing good. Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez are playing up to average, but two players is nowhere near enough to make up for a 4.95 team ERA. It’s a long season in the MLB, but the Red Sox are clinging for dear life already.

Verdict: Give it a month, then it’s rational.

The Rays’ pitching staff is the best in the league.

The 6’8″ tower named Tyler Glasnow enjoyed the best April among any starting pitchers.

Yes. Straight up yes. Charlie Morton and Tyler Glasnow, and Yonny Chrinos are all of to undefeated starts, and have blown straight through every lineup that comes to the Trop. The bullpen, headed up by star closer Jose Alvarado, is straight filthy. A couple of numbers are skewed because of the dreaded big inning, but Chaz Roe and Diego Castillo are among the best in the business at shutting down hitters. Once reigning Cy Young winner Blake Snell gets into full gear, it’s going to be a tough task scoring even three runs against Tampa.

Verdict: Extremely Rational

Manny Machado has turned San Diego into a contender.

Was $300 million worth it?

Breathe. Slow down. Relax. San Diego is, well, San Diego. There’s no way they’re edging out the Dodgers in their own division, and a very small chance they get a wild card over teams like the Cubs, Braves, or Mets (whoever it shakes out to be). Machado, along with Fernando Tatis Jr. and Chris Paddack, has turned the Padres into an exciting team – but they’re still a year or two (or three) away from competing in the National League. The Padres have played an incredibly weak schedule, with their biggest series being against St. Louis before they started clicking; besides that, the Padres have played the after Jackie Robinson day Mariners, the inconsistent Nationals, and the three teams in their division not named the Dodgers. San Diego is much better than they were last year, but there are way too many holes in the roster for them to be competing by August.

Verdict: Overreaction


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