Ten Hip Hop Classics Worthy of Prom (What We’re Listening To – 4/27/19)

It’s Prom night in America, and these ten hip hop bops should be played across the country all night.

Hey Ya – Outkast

We know, this one is pretty damn obvious. Hey Ya is an all-time hit that can be played anywhere at anytime. The song is extremely catchy, and there might not be a soul on this planet that doesn’t know it. A great mood lifter for anyone that’s been sobbing in the bathroom.

What You Want – Mase (feat. Total)

This one spells trouble. Mase’s calm demeanor over a silky smooth beat combined with Total’s sexy vocals creates a baby-maker, but as long as this one is played at the prom (and not after), we should be fine.

Promiscuous – Nelly Furtado & Timbaland

Promiscuous is a given at any dance party. The up-tempo track with an iconic hook over Timbaland production is too irresistible not to dance to.

Dirt Off Your Shoulder – JAY-Z

Any Jay-Z song at a prom isn’t an obvious choice, but Dirt Off Your Shoulder should be a necessity for prom nights everywhere. More Timbaland production means more dancing, and Jay makes sure to involve everyone with this bop (ladies is pimps too, go and brush your shoulders off).

Crank That – Soulja Boy

Verrrrrrryyyyy original. We know, but without Crank That, would this list even be complete? The answer is no. Everyone knows the most perfect ratchet anthem of all-time word for word, it’s the closest thing to a guarantee to get the party jumping.

Glamorous – Fergie

IF YOU AIN’T GOT NO MONEY TAKE YO BROKE ASS HOME!!!! This song was made for the ladies, but is for everyone. If you aren’t singing along to G-L-A-M… O-R-OUS, just leave.

Hey Ma – Cam’ron (feat. Juelz Santana)

Two of the most beloved rappers of their time at the top of their game. Although this one isn’t widely known, it’s accessible and an easy tune to dance along to. People are bound to ask the DJ what the name of this one is, and will most likely add it to their afterparty playlist.

Pop That – French Montana, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & Drake

This is Drake’s song. There’s nothing romantic about it, but Pop That is the ultimate club hit of our time. Rick Ross contributes with exciting vocals, Lil Wayne gives a solid verse, and Drake dominates the track and makes it his own. Nothing wrong with playing an absolute banger to change the scene.

Buy U A Drank – T-Pain (feat. Yung Joc)

You can pretty much play any T-Pain song at prom and call it good, but this one was made for “the night of your life.” T-Pain’s vocals are the perfect combination of party music and sexy music, making for a great four minutes of dancing.

No Woman, No Cry – Wyclef Jean

The perfect version of an iconic song. Everyone will be at least familiar with the tune, but Wyclef’s vocals will take them on a new ride. This is the best song to play as the night is winding down and people are reflecting about the great (or not) high school memories they’ve accumulated in four years.