Avengers: Endgame Death Predictions


The time is finally upon us, Avengers: Endgame is less than a day away and based on the Avengers’ last outing, we can assume that some beloved characters will be biting the dust. Obviously we won’t be predicting the deaths of characters that are well, already dead. So characters like Spider-Man and Black Panther will not be on this list (even though yes they are definitely going to be resurrected because sequels). With that being said, let’s predict which Avengers we will be bidding farewell to in Endgame.


Captain America

Death Percentage: 99%

There isn’t much to be said here that hasn’t been said already, but let’s go over it again anyway. Chris Evans’ contract is up after Endgame, which has been known for a while. That already doesn’t bode well for Cap, paired with Evans’ comments about wanting to move on and do other things such as direct, and the emotional tweets that seemed like a farewell to the MCU that the actor sent out after he wrapped on the film, everything is pointing towards Captain America being killed off in this final Avengers installment. And while it will be truly tragic to say goodbye to one of the best and most beloved MCU characters, it seems almost inevitable at this point. In other words, RIP Cap.

Iron Man

Death Percentage: 85%

While the odds don’t look a lot better for Tony Stark at first glance, a closer look reveals certain interesting details.  And while it is well known that Robert Downey Jr.’s contract is also done after this film, he has not talked much about his future with or without the MCU. There are also a few things left unresolved in Iron Man’s character arc compared to Captain America. Tony has expressed a desire for the “simple life” multiple times throughout his time in the MCU. The first was back on 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron when he talks to Steve Rogers about wanting to “buy Pepper a farm” and “live the simple life.” This sentiment comes up again in Avengers: Infinity War when we see Tony talking to Pepper about wanting to have a kid. The point here is that Tony is being set up to retire and take a backseat to future MCU films as opposed to being killed. We have also already seen Tony sacrifice himself before in The Avengers when he carried a nuke through a portal into space, totally intending to “make the sacrifice play” and save the day. And while he ultimately survived, it’s possible that Marvel would rather have someone else (like Cap) sacrifice themselves this time around. All that being said, few would be truly shocked to see Iron Man included in the list of characters that will bite the dust this time around. Hence his death percentage being placed at a square 85%.


Death Percentage: 20%

With Thor: Ragnarok being the hit that it was both critically and commercially, it’s very doubtful that Marvel would make the decision to axe (get it?) the God of Thunder based on that alone. Coupled with Thor’s sheer strength (he took the full force of a freaking dying star to the chest) and apparent immortality as well as the recent rumblings from Valkyrie actor Tessa Thompson about a rumored Thor 4 film being pitched to Marvel, it seems very unlikely that Thor will be killed off this time around. Another thing to keep in mind is the revenge arc Thor has been on since watching his brother and best friend both killed at the hands of Thanos, it seems fitting that Thor will get to live to see that arc completed.

Captain Marvel

Death Percentage: 1%

Spoiler alert: Captain Marvel will not die in Endgame. We know this for a few reasons. The most obvious is again related to Brie Larson’s contract, which was first rumored but then disputed by Larson herself over Twitter to be a seven picture deal. A seven movie deal would line up with other MCU staples like Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. But even if seven is not the right figure it’s safe to assume that the contract is worth at least five films, which would all but eliminate Captain Marvel from contention when it comes to characters most likely to die in Endgame. It’s also worth noting that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has been vocal about Carol Danvers being the next leader of the Avengers moving forward, and it’s extremely doubtful that Marvel would attempt to set up some sort of resurrection arc for the character a la Superman’s death in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and subsequent resurrection in Justice League. And while much stranger things have happened in Marvel comics, it’s doubtful that Marvel Studios will head in that direction.


Death Percentage 55%

Nebula is in an interesting situation going into Endgame. She managed to survive Thanos’ snap at the end of Infinity War, which doesn’t mean a whole lot but is still indicative of some sort of larger role that her character is destined to play in Endgame. That being said, she’s also the daughter of Thanos who has already proven his willingness to kill his daughters (too soon Star Lord?) to get what he wants, which does not bode well for his last surviving kin. Nebula may very well still have a role to play in the recently resurrected Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, so her fate is still very much up in the air. Her character is also much less developed and frankly not as important as others, which also makes it difficult to predict if she will ultimately meet the same end as her sister.


Death Percentage: 75%

The thing that’s the most worrying for Ant-Man is the lukewarm reception from both fans and critics to both of his movies. And while they haven’t been horrible by any stretch, it’s no secret that the Ant-Man movies haven’t exactly been the most exciting or engaging films of the MCU. That being said, Ant-Man is still a very loved character, and Scott Lang seems to work much better as a part of a team like in Captain America: Civil War. This could be the perfect recipe for Marvel to kill off a very likeable yet non-essential character just to add another gut punch to Endgame. The only major factor working against Ant-Man’s demise is the all but confirmed sizeable role that the quantum realm is set to play in the film. It does seem in that sense that Ant-Man is an essential part of the Endgame plot, but that still doesn’t rule out a death after the quantum realm has been used for purposes still unknown. An Ant-Man death would work as both an emotional punch as well as a respectable end to his run in the MCU.

The Incredible Hulk

Death Percentage: 50%

Hulk has done it all in the MCU. He had his own movie once upon a time, but that didn’t really work out. He joined the Avengers, fought with them for a while but eventually decided to go solo on Sakaar until Thor showed up and drug him right back in the middle of things. Hulk fits in wherever he gets put, which cannot be said about every Marvel character. He is one of the best and most usable characters in the MCU when it comes to team ups, which is why it’s doubtful that Marvel will retire him with a death sentence any time soon. And while there is something to be said about his less than stellar performance against Thanos last time around, something says that this time is going to be different. Hulk needs redemption, redemption against Thanos to be more specific. This points to Hulk not only getting over the issues that plagued him in Infinity War, but going full Hulk and getting some sweet sweet revenge against Thanos, all while keeping his life in the process.


Death Percentage: 75%

Thanos may not be the first character that comes up in the conversation of Endgame death predictions, but he’s definitely one that needs to be talked about. We know almost nothing about the plot of the film at the moment, and that’s by the design of everyone involved. Kevin Feige has made absolutely sure to avoid any sort of spoilers through both the film’s deliberately vague trailers and equally cryptic press tour. The main theory regarding the film’s plot however, is almost certain to be partly true. It suggests that the plot revolves around the remaining Avengers using the quantum realm in some way to travel through time in order to gather the infinity stones for themselves and use them to reverse Thanos’ previous actions. If this is in fact the case, then that almost certainly spells doom for the Mad Titan. Whether that involves some sort of imprisonment, banishment, or death is yet to be seen. But one would be wise to bet that when the Avengers do use the stones to bring back everyone that was killed during The Decimation, they’ll go ahead and wipe Thanos from existence while they’re at it just for good measure.

Black Widow

Death Percentage: 75%

Black Widow is in a unique position going into Endgame, being that she’s the only character that is currently alive in the MCU to have a confirmed solo movie in the pipeline. Some might think that right there takes her off the chopping block, but there are rumors swirling about her movie being a prequel. This is the most likely setting for the film considering that the most interesting and unknown part of her character is her origin, which was only hinted at in Age of Ultron. With all that in mind, Black Widow is just a regular person with guns with no real reason for Marvel to keep her alive. She again falls into the Ant-Man category of emotional death and satisfying end to her story, making her a prime character to be killed off.


Death Percentage: 40%

On the surface Hawkeye might seem like another Black Widow in the sense that he’s just a dude with a bow and arrow, and you’d be totally right to make that observation. And if that’s all there was to it, his death percentage would be much higher. But he has one saving grace, one that will carry him out of Endgame alive and all the way to his farm… his family. Hawkeye has been trying to retire for a while now, it was hinted at in Age of Ultron and addressed in Civil War when Captain America is able to lure Clint Barton out of retirement in order to fight the Sokovia Accords. A second attempt at retirement was used to explain his absence from Infinity War, but it’s all but confirmed that he is again coming out of retirement in Endgame due to his entire family being dusted thanks to Thanos’ snap. Hawkeye wants more than anything to retire to his farm with his family, and after the Avengers get everyone back, Marvel will most likely leave him unharmed and wish him a happy retirement. Hopefully this one will last, or at least last longer than his previous two attempts.