03 Greedo’s “Still Summer in the Projects” – Album Review

The incarcerated L.A. rapper is back with eleven new colorful bangers.

California rapper 03 Greedo (real name Jason Jackson) continued his string of post-incarceration releases last Friday with Still Summer in the Projects. Despite still having around nineteen years left to serve in a Texas prison, Greedo somehow delivers positive California vibes with Still Summer.

Still Summer starts out fast with back to back bangers in 10 Purple Summers and Bet I Walk. 10 Purple Summers sets the tone for the project perfectly, with an infectious tune that places the listener directly in a sunshiny day on the west coast. The hook is one of the best of the year despite its repetitive nature – it’s just too good to hate even after hearing it upwards of five times. Bet I Walk (the best song title of the year) continues the head-bopping spree as Greedo unleashes an assault of confident, charismatic lyrics over an instrumental that’s equally groovy and menacing.

The third track, Twisting the Lens, acts as a slight departure from the fast pace of the first two songs, but maintains all the smooth qualities of the two and puts them into one solid track. Shoreline Mafia then raids the album for an appearance on another slick song, Trap House. The track is a west coast lullaby, and with Greedo’s solid hook over a low-key instrumental, it sounds like the last song you’d play at a club before shutting it down for the night – the party’s just about over, but put this in rotation for the five sad people left. 

Loaded acts as a B-side to Traphouse, but doesn’t produce nearly as good as of a tune. Greedo can use his voice as an instrument, but here he just comes off as incoherent, like a bad Young Thug rip off. Getting Ready and Change Your Mind, on the other hand, are great examples of Greedo carrying slow jams over DJ Mustard’s flawless production. Both find a perfect balance between the west coast qualities of Traphouse and the R&B attempt that is Loaded. The big difference between the two is that Getting Ready is one catered towards the ladies, where Change Your Mind features lyrical gems throughout. ‘if you ever change your mind, go get that change,’ is one of the catchiest, cleverest hooks of 2019.

The eighth track on the project, In The Morning, is just one track too many on the R&B side. It’s not awful, but it just acts as your stereotypical filler cut – there’s nothing to write home about here. Wasted picks the momentum right back up, but it’s more because of the production by DJ Mustard and a standout YG performance. Greedo isn’t bad at all on this track, but it’s clear that the track was tailored to YG – the gap between the two is apparent. Mustard gives the bounciest production on the project yet (which is saying something), but Greedo sounds half asleep. The verse given is interesting, but it’s not too entertaining.

The pure charisma and swag from Greedo comes back briefly on Grapevine with Trilliano. Gems return in the form of “steady bragging ’bout them bodies like that shit impress me, let me see you make it out and go and get a check in,” which is good enough for the fourth or fifth best hook on the album, speaking volumes to how catchy Greedo is when he’s at his best.

Visions interrupts the party with a truly beautiful, introspective outro. The weight on Greedo’s back while he’s locked up is crystal clear, and the Mustard production does him all the favors in the world with a somber guitar that hits all the right chords. The charisma from the first ten tracks on the album is traded in for a heartfelt, humble Greedo as he reflects on his time in prison and his wishes for when he gets out. For someone with all the energy and color that Greedo brings to a track, it’s hard to hear him struggling. The voicemail from behind bars at the end is bone chilling, and acts as the perfect way to close out Still Summer in the Projects.



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