This Week In Music – Reviewed

All of the music that wasn’t good enough for its own article, put into one big article.

Rich The Kid – The World Is Yours 2

It’s a Rich The Kid album – what else is there to say about it? Sixteen tracks of Rich flowing the exact same way over pretty standard trap beats. There’s not a lot to hate about this project, but there’s nothing to love either. While nothing here reaches the highs of Leave Me or New Freezer, there are a few tracks that are worth keeping on a playlist. Splashin is the annual stereotypical Rich The Kid hit, and Two Cups with Offset and Big Sean is a solid banger. Miguel absolutely carries Woah– Rich lets him takeover on the track, but it really does just feel like a Miguel song that Rich paid for. The World Is Yours 2 is far from the ‘album of the year’ that Rich hyped it up to be, but it’s exactly the sequel that’s expected from him. It provides a few bangers here and there, and doesn’t overstay its welcome.

RATING: 70/100

NAV – Bad Habits (Deluxe Version)

Nav really just couldn’t stop with sixteen bad tracks – he just had to add another eight mediocre (at best) songs. The best part about the deluxe version on Apple Music is that the description quotes the worst godfather movie, acting like there’s some kind of prestigious quality that Nav is held up to. Quoting The Godfather III is ultimately an incredible summary of what Nav thinks he is – great – when in reality, he’s extremely disappointing and laughable.


Logic – Supermarket (Soundtrack)

Really? You’re in a time where people are questioning your music more than ever and you decide to drop whatever this is? Supermarket is a joke. It’s a horrendous collection of Logic trying to land a sound somewhere between Green Day and Weezer, and failing hilariously. The only problem is – it’s not even funny. Nav can make a bad project and it’s laughable and almost somewhat expected, but Logic is held to a much higher standard. It’s hard to picture him walking out of the studio thinking, ‘yeah, this is good. They want to hear this!’ Even though his recent raps haven’t been the best, a mediocre rap song is much better than whatever Supermarket was. Logic is wasting his window to prove he’s a top rapper. With Supermarket, he managed to make Bad Habits look good; it’s really that bad – Biracial Bobby has officially lost his mind.

RATING: Retire Already/100

Lil Uzi Vert – Free Uzi

I mean… It’s a song. At this point, that’s all we can hope for from Uzi. The track is fine, it sounds like it was recorded circa 2014, and it’s still pretty entertaining despite Uzi’s annoying pitch. The most exciting thing about this song is that Uzi released something. He’s not retired, and there’s at least an effort being made towards dropping Eternal Atake. I’d predict it arrives before the end of July.