Throwback Thursday Quick Review: TRAPSOUL

Bryson Tiller’s TRAPSOUL (2015): After waiting seemingly forever for Bryson Tiller’s new album to release has me quite upset (especially when it was supposed to come out last summer), I decided to re-listen to one of the most re-playable albums that has come out in the 2010’s.

Ever since the first time I heard the song Don’t I fell in love with Bryson Tiller. TRAPSOUL is one of the albums that has been in my music rotation since its release. To me, Bryson’s debut outing doesn’t recreate the wheel, it just takes the wheel and perfects it. Bryson takes the new sub-genre of singing-rap that Kanye first introduced on 808’s, sprinkles in a little bit of soul, and tops it off with Atlanta-flavored instrumentals to make his own genre (hence, TRAPSOUL).

Great lyrics and amazing vocals are found throughout the entire project. Exchange is a great example of Bryson doing that, and still remains one of my favorite songs to date due to the smart lyrics that go along with his vocal range. A lot of artists will sacrifice lyrics so that they can focus more on their vocals, but not Tiller. There are plenty of moments where Bryson walks the fine line of singing about love but actually offering a purpose in his lyrics.

The most impressive thing about TRAPSOUL is that despite it being a debut, Bryson doesn’t have a single feature on the project, and it pays off. Relying solely on himself for 14 tracks, there’s never a moment where you get tired of hearing Bryson’s voice (quite the opposite, actually). The only problem I have with this project is just a slight nitpick. I find it hard to believe an artist who sings about love on one track and turns into a merciless rapper on the next, but nearly every rapper does this nowadays though so it’s something you learn to live with.

I also highly recommend listening to Bryson Tiller’s Soundcloud for the songs that didn’t make the album cut, as they are just as good as the songs on the album. Although I’m bummed that Serenity has been delayed multiple times, re-listening to TRAPSOUL is never a bad decision. It’s a modern-day classic in every sense.

Top 4 Songs: Exchange, 502 Come Up, Right My Wrongs, Don’t.