M/W/F Throwback Quick Review: DiCaprio 2

JID’s DiCaprio 2 (2018): This throwback doesn’t stretch far back, but I feel like I need to talk about this album. I didn’t listen to this album upon release for some odd reason. Funny enough, it wasn’t until I started a Leonardo DiCaprio movie binge that made me remember an album had used his name.

Luckily for listeners, this album is just as great as DiCaprio himself. Bombay rap is one of my favorite sub-genres, and in a time where mumble rap is the majority of the music being released, it’s nice to see a rapper using actual lyrics (crazy, I know!) to hook listeners. Even with songs that have banging production, JID never sacrifices lyrics at the expense of a good track.

This album has plenty of clever bars in rapid-fire succession that hook the listener on every track. The only song I had a problem with on my listen-through was Westbrook, due to A$AP Ferg giving a sub-par chorus. If it weren’t for JID’s amazing verses, that song would be an instant skip. The deeper you get into the album, the more meaningful and better it gets. Hot Box, Just da Other Day, and Skrawberries are all incredible songs with deep meanings. The best part about this album is how relatable it is. Sure, I didn’t go through any of the situations JID talks about, but it’s so fleshed out that you felt like you experienced it.

Every year the XXL Freshman List has one standout artist that emerges from the rest as a superior artist. For 2018’s list, JID has proven to be just that.

Top 4 Songs: Skrawberries (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid), Hot Box (feat. Method Man & Joey Bada$$), Just da Other Day, Workin Out.