M/W/F Throwback Quick Review: Imperial

Denzel Curry’s “Imperial” (2016): My first time hearing Denzel Curry was on a $uicideBoy$ track. I loved Denzel’s feature but I never followed up with his music.

Now that I finally decided to try out his music, I will never look back. This album gets me too riled up when I listen to it. There is nothing better than banging bass, hard lyrics, and incredible features. Every time I listen to this album I get the chills, and the sudden urge to go commit a crime. I have always loved rap dipping into the darker tone, so this album naturally clicked with me upon first listen. Another amazing thing this album has going for it, is that the album does not overstay its  welcome with only 10 songs.

Overall I am glad I gave this album a listen, and I can’t wait to listen to more of Denzel Curry’s work in the future.

Top 4 songs: Zenith (feat. Joey Bada$$), Ult, Knotty Head (feat. Rick Ross), This Life.