Offset’s “Father of 4” The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Migos just keep finding new ways to put out music as fast as possible.


Offset proved to everyone that he is the best of the Migos. While Father of 4 wasn’t genre-breaking, it didn’t reach the awful depths of Quavo Huncho or The Last Rocket. The songs on this album were clearly made solely for this project, and aren’t Migos leftovers. Being the ‘decent one’ in a bunch of bad albums isn’t much to write home about, but this is the best solo project that has spawned from the group nonetheless.

Wild Wild West as an entire song just works. The production from Metro Boomin is just nasty, and Offset’s grimy flow matches it perfectly – he works well over mid-tempo beats from Metro; it’s a winning combo. Gunna also continues his winning streak with features with a short and sweet verse that keeps the song moving.

The first half of Legacy with Travis Scott is really good. Travis gives a smooth hook over a bouncy Southside beat, and Offset’s rapid-fire first verse is incredibly infectious…


… Legacy lasted about 2 minutes too long. 21 Savage’s verse and Offset’s ending stanza are awful. Savage’s verse in particular feels lazy and mailed-in. The beat is good for the first half of the song but gets repetitive quick. 21 and Offset have made some great songs in the past, but Offset should’ve put his fellow Atlantan wait, British chap? 21 on another song. 

Father of 4 puts a lot of work into humanizing Offset, and it doesn’t work. Offset is at his best when he’s rapping about thots and racks, not about his kids. It does offer a new look into Offset (who is an extremely shallow rapper), but it’s a missed opportunity across the boards. There are some gems here and there, but the only song it really works on is Red Room, which is where Offset fully commits to the style. Outside of that, ‘Set sounds extremely corny on the majority of ‘woke’ tracks (J. Cole saves him on How Did I Get Here). It would’ve been nice to hear one or two heartfelt songs, but the over-abundance of them make the tracks much less special. 


The 16-track, 57-minute album was a pain to get through the first time. It certainly isn’t the longest album in the world, but the repetitive nature of Offset prevailed in making it seem much longer than it was. About six tracks could’ve been left on the cutting room floor. 

The album cover has got to be among the worst album covers ever. It doesn’t effect my opinion on the album, but just look at the thing. It’s terrible. Photoshop is a great thing, but not always.

North Star is the exact point where it becomes obvious that Offset is trying way too hard to sound sincere and meaningful on this album. There hasn’t been a track that has missed the mark this badly and sounded this corny since Forgive Me Father on DJ Khaled’s one good album. CeeLo Green needs to permanently stick to judging The Voice or whatever it is he does these days after this terrible song. 

FINAL RATING (out of 100):