The Ten Most Anticipated Films For 2019

2018 brought moviegoers many great, awful, and ‘somewhere in the middle’ films. At the beginning of the year, everyone was excited for Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story, but movies such as Game Night and A Quiet Place ended up being some of the best of the year. While we can’t predict which under-the-radar films will shock us this year; we can definitely be excited for blockbuster titles that are sure to make an impact in 2019. Without further adieu, here are the ten films that we are anticipating the most in 2019.

Us (Scheduled Release: March 15th)

Jordan Peele showed everyone that he was more than just a Comedy Central sketch guy with 2017’s Get Out, and we’ve all been wondering what he’s had coming next since the release. The first trailer to Us keeps a lot of the plot under wraps, while promising to deliver a story similar to Get Out in its thriller tone. In the film’s first official poster, we get a peek at someone dressed in devilish red and a single glove (which is likely not a tribute to the late king of pop). The mysterious figure is holding a golden pair of scissors, leaving many wondering if the object is one with significance like the teacup in Get Out. The best part, however, is that we only have to wait three months.

Shazam (Scheduled Release: April 5th)

The DCEU is one wild, entertaining, awful mess. One of my favorite things to do every year is watch these movies in their successes (Wonder Woman) and equally entertaining failures (Suicide Squad). Aquaman was the first DC movie to take a more lighthearted tone in pursuit of pleasing more audiences, and it was… a lot of things – but definitely not boring. Zachary Levi should be a ton of fun to watch as a fourteen-year old that can become one of the world’s most powerful heroes with a quick, “Shazam!” The first trailer looked promising, like a more fun version of Chronicle – with kids experiencing the joy of their newfound otherworldly powers. Whatever Shazam turns out to be, it is sure to offer something completely new and exciting to the superhero genre.

Avengers: Endgame (Scheduled Release: April 26th)


At this point, you’re either on board with these movies, or you aren’t. Infinity War delivered on the ten-year promise that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would tie together with a jaw-dropping event, and Endgame is just the cherry on top. The whole world is basking in the opportunity to embrace their inner-nerd altogether, with NASA, Elon Musk, and others all tweeting about the film upon the release of its first trailer. With the universe going off-script from the comic books, the only people that know what is going to happen is the cast and crew of Endgame. Marvel hasn’t missed yet, and with Joe and Anthony Russo directing once again, Endgame is sure to be a doozy.

Ford v. Ferrari (Scheduled Release: June 28th)


Next to nothing is known about this movie, besides the title (which can draw some assumptions) and a one-sentence description on its IMDb page. The excitement for this movie is drawn from a few excellent names: Christian Bale, Matt Damon, and John Bernthal – three of the most likeable and excellent actors of this generation. Oh, and to boot, it’s directed by James Mangold (Director of Logan and Executive Producer of The Greatest Showman). Whichever way the story unfolds; it’s based on a true event, will be well acted, and has an established director behind the camera. Consider it a shoe-in at next year’s Oscars.

Spider-Man: Far From Home (Scheduled Release: July 5th)


Marvel and Tom Holland are three for three on their iterations of Spider-Man, yet it still feels like we’ve only been provided a small sample size of what the web-slinger has to offer. With Far From Home, Spidey figures to be in the spotlight of his own movie. In Homecoming (my favorite Spider-Man film to date), Peter Parker takes a bit of the backseat as Tony Stark pops in multiple times, and Michael Keaton steals the show as Vulture. The sequel should be the first time in the MCU that Spider-Man is grown up and free to be his own character, giving Holland the chance to really shine and explore a new side of Peter after the fallout of Endgame. With a plot that takes place in London, and includes never-before-seen-on-screen villain Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), Far From Home has a chance to be the most ambitious and exciting Spider-Man adventure yet.

The Lion King (Scheduled Release: July 19th)

A lot of the Disney live-action reboots have been just… fine. Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book offered good experiences, filled with nostalgia, there was nothing extremely memorable from either remake. While Dumbo is being remade this year (ehhh) and Aladdin is an exciting possibility, The Lion King is a whole different animal (no pun intended). Hearing James Earl Jones as Mufasa again is one of the best prospects 2019 offers, and Donald Glover continues his hot streak as he voices Simba. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Seth Rogen and John Oliver both feel tailor-made for their respective roles as Scar, Pumbaa, and Zazu, furthermore proving the level of attention and care put into this remake. Jon Favreau is one of the better directors working today, and everything is looking up for this Disney classic.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (Scheduled Release: July 26th)


Directed by Quentin Tarantino, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Kurt Russell, Margot Robbie, and Al Pacino. Is there any question why we’re excited for this one? Tarantino movies, similar to Scorsese, Nolan, and Fincher films, are a special treat: we get them every couple years, and they’re always compelling, well-directed, and loads of fun. The story at hand is one of the Charles Manson murders, set in 1969 Los Angeles, and set photos have shown Tarantino bringing old L.A. back to life. With films like Inglorious Basterds, Tarantino has rewritten history to fit his narrative, and it’s safe to say everyone is curious to see how he adapts historical figures like Sharon Tate. Tarantino’s history of great films and an all-star cast has everyone itching for a first trailer; and whichever direction he chooses to take, it’ll be sure to have his one-of-a-kind flare.

It: Chapter Two (Scheduled Release: September 6th)


It was one of the most pleasant surprises of 2017, offering one of the best Stephen King adaptations in a movie that provided a modern-day Goonies feel. This time, the kids from Derry will be all grown up, with 27 years passing since the first encounter with Pennywise. The movie will face many challenges, with audiences believing it’s adapting the weaker half of the novel. Other obstacles director Andy Muschietti will be facing is losing some of what made the first film so great – the cast of charming kids and the 80’s nostalgia setting. On top of all that, the movie is expected to be great this time around, instead of being a sleeper hit. Despite all that, we remain optimistic. All of the writers from the first are back on board, and the cast of adults is a great one (including Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy). The film is sure to delve more into the interesting lore of Pennywise, and will provide audiences with a good scare and plenty of laughs.

Joker (Scheduled Release: October 4th)

Within minutes of posting test footage, Joaquin Phoenix’s new take on the classic comic book character was trending worldwide. While no one thinks Heath Ledger’s Joker will ever be beat, everyone is still itching for more stories about the Clown Prince of Crime. While Phoenix is a great actor, and the film is being produced by Martin Scorsese, it’s also directed by the guy whose biggest credit is The Hangover (Todd Phillips). Ledger’s take on the Joker is one of the best performances of all time, and ruined Jared Leto’s Joker before he was even on screen. With the bar being set so high, it’s damn near impossible to meet anyone’s expectations with the name ‘Joker’attached. Yet, somehow, this movie looks promising, and will garner loads of anticipation until its October release date; and it’s all for one reason: because it’s the Joker.

Star Wars: Episode IX (Scheduled Release: December 20th)


The Last Jedi was a lot of things. The movie was a fan-theory killing, logic-less, divisive film that was still one of the better installments in the saga and a very well-made film (change my mind). One thing that it was not, however, was a movie that set up well for a sequel. Throwing everything out the window in a middle film puts director J.J. Abrams in a bit of a hot seat for episode nine. Will he retcon many of the bold decisions from The Last Jedi, or will he continue on the timeline that dug him into a hole by killing off many key characters and changing a lot of storylines set up in The Force Awakens (also a good movie, I know, you hate me now). There is literally no telling what is going to happen in episode nine. Where with some movies (Endgame) you can at least tell which direction should be taken, there are no loose ends after episode eight, creating an interesting dilemma to say the least. One thing, however, is almost certain: it will not please everybody.