Going to Astroworld? Here’s what songs you need to know.

The rager from Houston kicks off his tour tomorrow; these are five essential bangers that new fans will have to learn.

In recent years, Travis Scott has blown up beyond his original fans’ wildest dreams. The Houston rapper sold 537,000 albums first week with the recent Astroworld, and has seemingly became everyone’s favorite artist of 2018. Scott has always been renowned as a great performer, and with his Astroworld Tour kicking off tomorrow, many new fans are about to get a treat in seeing the rapper perform for the first time. With many fans being along the ride with Travis for a long time, Scott has promised to perform old classics at his shows; here are the five songs everyone needs to know before they see them live.

5) Pornography [Rodeo, 2015]


The video speaks for itself. The intro to 2015 classic Rodeo has long been used as the opening song to Travis’ concerts. Scott said he made the song specifically for a concert atmosphere, and it shows every time he performs. Master of the build up, the beat drop from La Flame is unforgettable, and has fans going crazy every single time.

4) Upper Echelon (feat T.I. & 2 Chainz) [Owl Pharaoh, 2013]


When Travis announced that he had remastered songs from his first project, Owl Pharaoh, for concert use in early 2018, fans rejoiced at the opportunity to scream out their favorite day one ragers at Travis’ concerts. The song absolutely bangs, with horns, drums, and bass powerful enough to cause an earthquake, it’s become a go-to for Scott’s performances. Travis often calls upon the song to separate the ‘day one fans’ from the new ones, and has yelled at fans before not to stand still during this track.

3) Mamacita (feat. Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug) [Days Before Rodeo, 2014]


Mamacita is Scott’s first track that blew him up early in his career, and is another one consistently called upon to separate, ‘the real from the fake ragers,’ in Scott’s own words. The live version is slightly different from the version you’ll hear in your headphones, with La Flame adding in extra vocals. ‘Mamacita, WHERE YA AT,’ is yelled consistently throughout the live version, and the bass is noticeably changed for a concert atmosphere. Scott uses the song to open up the initial mosh pit for the performance, and get the crowd energy up. 

2) Nightcrawler (feat. Swae Lee & Chief Keef) [Rodeo, 2015]


One of Travis’ best songs often goes unnoticed, but it might just be the best song the artist has made for a late-night concert atmosphere. The song embraces a night club vibe, but has drums and a lead synth that are loud enough to take on a whole stadium. The song also features longtime collaborator Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd, and would be a perfect introducing point for Swae, who has been rumored to be a guest performer at multiple stops. The video above is from a performance with only 1,000 fans present, it’s scary to imagine what an arena filled with Nightcrawler could do. 

1) Quintana (feat. Wale) [Owl Pharaoh, 2013]


The quintessential concert song for Travis Scott. ‘Straight from Meixcoooo, call her Quintana,’over one of the hardest instrumentals known to mankind is bone chilling. The song is an alright one if you’re listening to it by yourself, but something about the concert atmosphere makes Quintanaa classic. The video above is self-explanatory – skip to around 1:15 if you want to see a crowd go from 0 to 100 real quick.